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After reviewing the blogosphere this past week, I’ve found other blogs relating to gulfcoastprjobfinder. These blogs although not in the gulf coast, have the same concept and ideas including job posting in a particular region. Going        through (DC Public Affairs + Communications jobs) I found it leans toward a job posting site rather than an informative site on job process. DC Public Affairs basic format made it simple and easy to read. The site provide a list of job postings with no description, requirements, salary. The benefit of its structure allows the site to stays clean and simple, thus making navigation through the site a breeze.Clicking on a particular job post,  will navigate you away from the site to the original posting. The site, however, lack character and color. By adding some images, it would liven up the content on the page.

I found a blog that does put the description,requirements and salary on their page. It seems like finds the job postings and copy/paste to their site. There are pros and cons to this method.

Pro: Only have to go to one site: no navigating away to see job posting

Con: Takes up to much room on site: You have to scroll down to long to find a job your interested in.

In conclusion, by review other blogs similar to mine I’ve seen many ideas gulfcoastprjobfinder could benefit from. Some things to look forward to, include:

1. Jobs menu bar: To include links to jobs available in PR and communication around the gulf coast.

2. A new more attractive yet clear theme/background: easier to read.

*If you have any suggestions please let us know !



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I recently attended a lecture describing the professionalism needed in today’s job search. I received a lot of good information I though would pertain to my audience  and purpose of the blog, finding /getting JOBS. So here we go, today im going to discuss job appearance for the workplace and interviewing process. An interview process is a job within itself. The planning, preparation and execution (the interview) is very time-consuming. You need to understand going into the interview, the interviewers main goal is find a reason NOT to hire you more than why the should. The chance there are multiple people applying for the same position is highly likely. Little things that can set you apart from others is how you prepare during the planning stage. Things that may set you apart include: 1. appearance 2. know the type of interview 3. know the organization 4. some type of introduction speech know as 30 sec elevator speech. 5. thank you letter.

Appearance: You need to look confident but not over bearing.

Type of interview: Today’s technology allows for many type of meetings/interviews without being face to face the importance of knowing the type of interview is crucial. One important thing to remember is always bring extra resumes. During a group interview everyone conducting the interview must have a copy of your resume. TYPES: on one 2. telephone 3. group 4.sereise of interviews.

Know the Organization: Do a quick look-up of the organization’s history and mission.

30 second elevator speech: A brief description of kind of work you want to do, strongest skill and accomplishments and what kind of position you’re seeking.

Thank You Letter : This shows you are thankful for the opportunity and their time to consider you for that position.This also show your professional and makes you stand out.

Out of all the steps and procedures you might take, I’m gonna leave you with a couple of main principles to follow : TELL THE TRUTH, BE POSITIVE, EYE CONTACT AND ALWAYS FIND OUT THE NEXT STEP !!

Hope u enjoyed it

Good luck with the hunt ! Job Hunt !

Interview Process


Throughout my readings of many CEO’s and PR practitioners blogs and websites, everyone has a different opinion on the interview process. The most crucial part to the  process, looked at before anything else is the resume. The structure and information forms a temporary idea for the employees of what they can expect out of that particular ones  interviewed.

Internships, portfolios, and being part of different organizations can be the difference from landing a job or failing in the process. When searching out an internship, look in the direction of the field you plan on going in. This can benefit you in many ways. For example, a trial run, a permanent position, and a resume builder. I recommend many internships if they are available, due to the amount of training and opportunity for a new job seeker.

I recommend to research the company, just as they are researching you. Seeking out company profiles, current projects, and employee policies can give you more background on the company being researched. This will allow not only a question/answer interview, but a conversation which you are prepared.

I came a cross a quote that I think pertains to the job seeker and how they should approach their quest. Steven R. Van Hook with All About PR said, “Keeping a lock on success takes an elusive key. Some say it’s who you know, others say it’s what you know. I believe long-term success is ultimately based on what you are. Hold a firm grasp on your fundamental values as you dive into the work-a-day grinder. Your employer will see it in your eye and respect it. (And the ones who don’t likely won’t make good employers anyway.)” This quote offers one to many opinions on the path to a successful interview process.  In conclusion, I believe the amount of work you put into the process, will be the same amount rewarded to you in the end. 

 Below are a couple of links pertaining to others opinion on this widely sought after information on “Interview and job placement”


P.S Keep a look-out for are new J-O-B tab coming soon. This will include local communications jobs local and in surranding areas!

Need A J-O-B?!

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Welcome to gulfcoastprjobfinder.  This site will allow PR students and PR professionals alike to learn about new openings and information in the Public Relations Field.  My blog is simply a place where I can make life easier for those seeking a job in the PR industry.  There will be a wide range of post from resume ideas, interview tricks, job market news, and actual job listings in the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. 

There will be no target area or specific job types. I will cover health care, sports, PR firms, music, publicist, and finally non profits.  Due to the ever changing responsibilities in Public Relations there is no limit to what a PR professional could be expected to do.  Professionals could write press releases, facilitate a social media plan,  and provide a marketing role all in a day’s work.  I’ve come to realize exploiting all your strengths in various fields during the interview process could  land you that job over the next person. This is why knowing what to say and how to say it is valuable to the job seeker. This site will not only find the job listing but coach you through a new era of interview techniques.

The information is out there that PR jobs are on the rise. With us being PR professionals, we understand what the rest of the world is finally realizing, they need us!  This blog will be useful due to the vast information and resouces given. Its my goal to offer the most information possible in order to inform the PR professional of the Gulf Coast about news, recomendations and job postings in the local area.