Welcome to gulfcoastprjobfinder.  This site will allow PR students and PR professionals alike to learn about new openings and information in the Public Relations Field.  My blog is simply a place where I can make life easier for those seeking a job in the PR industry.  There will be a wide range of post from resume ideas, interview tricks, job market news, and actual job listings in the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. 

There will be no target area or specific job types. I will cover health care, sports, PR firms, music, publicist, and finally non profits.  Due to the ever changing responsibilities in Public Relations there is no limit to what a PR professional could be expected to do.  Professionals could write press releases, facilitate a social media plan,  and provide a marketing role all in a day’s work.  I’ve come to realize exploiting all your strengths in various fields during the interview process could  land you that job over the next person. This is why knowing what to say and how to say it is valuable to the job seeker. This site will not only find the job listing but coach you through a new era of interview techniques.

The information is out there that PR jobs are on the rise. With us being PR professionals, we understand what the rest of the world is finally realizing, they need us!  This blog will be useful due to the vast information and resouces given. Its my goal to offer the most information possible in order to inform the PR professional of the Gulf Coast about news, recomendations and job postings in the local area.