Throughout my readings of many CEO’s and PR practitioners blogs and websites, everyone has a different opinion on the interview process. The most crucial part to the  process, looked at before anything else is the resume. The structure and information forms a temporary idea for the employees of what they can expect out of that particular ones  interviewed.

Internships, portfolios, and being part of different organizations can be the difference from landing a job or failing in the process. When searching out an internship, look in the direction of the field you plan on going in. This can benefit you in many ways. For example, a trial run, a permanent position, and a resume builder. I recommend many internships if they are available, due to the amount of training and opportunity for a new job seeker.

I recommend to research the company, just as they are researching you. Seeking out company profiles, current projects, and employee policies can give you more background on the company being researched. This will allow not only a question/answer interview, but a conversation which you are prepared.

I came a cross a quote that I think pertains to the job seeker and how they should approach their quest. Steven R. Van Hook with All About PR said, “Keeping a lock on success takes an elusive key. Some say it’s who you know, others say it’s what you know. I believe long-term success is ultimately based on what you are. Hold a firm grasp on your fundamental values as you dive into the work-a-day grinder. Your employer will see it in your eye and respect it. (And the ones who don’t likely won’t make good employers anyway.)” This quote offers one to many opinions on the path to a successful interview process.  In conclusion, I believe the amount of work you put into the process, will be the same amount rewarded to you in the end. 

 Below are a couple of links pertaining to others opinion on this widely sought after information on “Interview and job placement”


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