I recently attended a lecture describing the professionalism needed in today’s job search. I received a lot of good information I though would pertain to my audience  and purpose of the blog, finding /getting JOBS. So here we go, today im going to discuss job appearance for the workplace and interviewing process. An interview process is a job within itself. The planning, preparation and execution (the interview) is very time-consuming. You need to understand going into the interview, the interviewers main goal is find a reason NOT to hire you more than why the should. The chance there are multiple people applying for the same position is highly likely. Little things that can set you apart from others is how you prepare during the planning stage. Things that may set you apart include: 1. appearance 2. know the type of interview 3. know the organization 4. some type of introduction speech know as 30 sec elevator speech. 5. thank you letter.

Appearance: You need to look confident but not over bearing.

Type of interview: Today’s technology allows for many type of meetings/interviews without being face to face the importance of knowing the type of interview is crucial. One important thing to remember is always bring extra resumes. During a group interview everyone conducting the interview must have a copy of your resume. TYPES: 1.one on one 2. telephone 3. group 4.sereise of interviews.

Know the Organization: Do a quick look-up of the organization’s history and mission.

30 second elevator speech: A brief description of kind of work you want to do, strongest skill and accomplishments and what kind of position you’re seeking.

Thank You Letter : This shows you are thankful for the opportunity and their time to consider you for that position.This also show your professional and makes you stand out.

Out of all the steps and procedures you might take, I’m gonna leave you with a couple of main principles to follow : TELL THE TRUTH, BE POSITIVE, EYE CONTACT AND ALWAYS FIND OUT THE NEXT STEP !!

Hope u enjoyed it

Good luck with the hunt ! Job Hunt !