After reviewing the blogosphere this past week, I’ve found other blogs relating to gulfcoastprjobfinder. These blogs although not in the gulf coast, have the same concept and ideas including job posting in a particular region. Going        through (DC Public Affairs + Communications jobs) I found it leans toward a job posting site rather than an informative site on job process. DC Public Affairs basic format made it simple and easy to read. The site provide a list of job postings with no description, requirements, salary. The benefit of its structure allows the site to stays clean and simple, thus making navigation through the site a breeze.Clicking on a particular job post,  will navigate you away from the site to the original posting. The site, however, lack character and color. By adding some images, it would liven up the content on the page.

I found a blog that does put the description,requirements and salary on their page. It seems like finds the job postings and copy/paste to their site. There are pros and cons to this method.

Pro: Only have to go to one site: no navigating away to see job posting

Con: Takes up to much room on site: You have to scroll down to long to find a job your interested in.

In conclusion, by review other blogs similar to mine I’ve seen many ideas gulfcoastprjobfinder could benefit from. Some things to look forward to, include:

1. Jobs menu bar: To include links to jobs available in PR and communication around the gulf coast.

2. A new more attractive yet clear theme/background: easier to read.

*If you have any suggestions please let us know !